HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015! From Artist Cindy Williams

Cindy's "Selfie" ©Cindy Williams


Artist Cindy Williams

Artist Cindy Williams

Well, this is me, Cindy Williams. I decided to start off the month and year with a little about me.

I am from the U.S.A. originally but married my British hubby and now live in the UK.

I have always been “crafty” and I can crochet and sew. But I didn’t know I could draw or paint until 2009 when I found a local artist giving lessons.  I started with pastels, and about a month later, I was wondering why I was still taking “lessons” as everything just “clicked” and I found myself painting all sorts of things.


30s Blonde ©Cindy Williams

30s Blonde
Pastel Painting
©Cindy Williams

My favorite, as you know if you have been following my blog, are the black and white portraits that I paint, the ones of the 1920’s.


Vintage Thoughts ©Cindy Williams

Vintage Thoughts
Pastel Painting
©Cindy Williams

Most of the paintings are famous actresses that were in the silent films.


Cindy's "Selfie" ©Cindy Williams

Cindy’s “Selfie”
by Artist ©Cindy Williams

This is my “Selfie”.

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Shadows from the Past ©Cindy Williams

Shadows from the Past Pastel Painting
©Cindy Williams

I have asked every artist this month to share tips on each feature.

My tips may not all be for art, however I think they could be valuable for someone out there:

When drawing, I use a grid to start out my paintings (for accuracy).  I buy clear acetate sheets and take a really fine marker (.001 or .05 tip) and make very fine lined grids, usually 1cm to 2cm wide. I put the acetate over my photo that I am working from, then draw the grid on my pastel or watercolor paper. (with a 2H pencil)

I usually turn the paper upside down and draw it upside down for accuracy, it works best for me. I find if I am working on a portrait, this will help me get the eyes just right.

After all that is done, and the drawing is ready to be painted, I take the drawing and look at it in the mirror. This definitely shows any flaws in the drawing.

Instead of buying spray fixative (which is about £9 a can in the UK!), I use hairspray (about £1 a can), it sticks the pastel just the same. I just go over it with a fine mist, not too much or all my work will be ruined (trial and error ) 🙂 just a few little quick sprays and let it dry. Some people leave their pastels as they are, I dont like too, because eventually the pastel loosens, and when I have matted and framed my pastel paintings, I never see any of the pastel pigment come off. (but you DO have to be careful).

I have used Derwent soft pastels. My favorite to use at the moment are Faber-Castell soft pastels and pencils.

The way I sharpen my pastel pencils is with a craft knife, not a pencil sharpener. I get a finer point.

NEVER NEVER EVER drop a pastel pencil, they can break on the inside and you may not be able to use them again.

Since most of my favorite paintings are black and white, I could probably use a black paper, but instead I like making the background with black pastel.

I use 220gsm heavyweight paper (135lb paper) by Daler Rowney.

Other tips:

SHARE… on your social media sites, no one always wants to see “me me me”… they want to read useful things/ how tos/ and also about other people. So, share other things besides you or your art. I heard before to share 5 posts about other things/ 1 post about you. And I find this true. I always Tweet / Retweet other people’s info, and comment, etc. You will find others will do the same for you.

SUPPORT… when you see some of your online friends having a rough time, support them. I was down for a while and it was nice to hear from people that are in my tribe/community. And doing the 30/30 painting challenge is so great and so much fun, you post your paintings and then you run over to see if your friends have posted, and then you say “Oi, where are ya”, if they arent posting that day.

SUCCEED… when you do the other two things mentioned above, you will no doubt succeed. No man is an island, and you cannot make it on your own. It is so nice to be able to go to other people for advice or support and you must also be there for them. There are so many things you can do together, so many things that artists who have never met in person, are doing as a collaborative with other people. This is one example, the 30/30 painting challenge.

Thank you LESLIE SAETA for everything you do, and thank you for this challenge. I have to say even if she doesnt do another one, what is stopping others from taking up the reigns and carrying on? Thanks Leslie Saeta, you are a great leader, and you have helped so many people in your challenge. I wouldnt be where I am today if I had not listened to Artists Helping Artists and followed Leslie on her journey as well. I have been a listener from the beginning ( from the 2nd show, yay!) 🙂



This month, I have something very special for everyone.

I have asked 30 artists to take the time to give us a “behind the scenes” of their art, and share their art work. We have a plethora of artists who have been kind enough to share with us.



I am also doing a 30 day painting challenge this month, and hope to finish it!

I hope you enjoy the interviews and loads of artworks this month. 🙂

Please come back tomorrow for FEATURED ARTIST KARIN NAYLOR.

Thanks very much for dropping by!

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