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Today our featured artist is Jocelyn Roberts:

Hi my name is Jocelyn Roberts, I live in Old Colwyn, North Wales where I work full time as an artist out of my garden studio.
I have been painting for about 9 years after a much needed career change, I did 2 years Fine Art Prep to get my portfolio together to start my Degree, which I abandoned after the first year to follow my own path, and I haven’t looked back.
Fire Starter by artist ©Jocelyn Roberts

Fire Starter
Acrylic Inks on Canvas
©Jocelyn Roberts

I must have tried all the mediums but very quickly fell in love with watercolour and acrylic inks, they have a flow and colour intensity which I adore, as there is little or no control it stops me from becoming too tight and careful giving my work a fresh and lively energy,  I use lots of colour to get expression and emotion to ooze out of my paintings, which are usually done on Saunders Waterford paper from St Cuthbert’s Mill or on canvas.
We Can Dream by artist ©Jocelyn Roberts

We Can Dream
Watercolor ©Jocelyn Roberts

There are 2 sides to my work, Contemporary Portraits where I can immerse myself in people watching, where I try to capture a split second emotion or reaction, and Semi Abstract Seascapes  ( I live next to the sea so inspiration isn’t very far away). These pieces are pure drama with my own poetry written within the waves.
Derek watercolor by artist ©Jocelyn Roberts

Original Watercolor
©Jocelyn Roberts

The best tips I can give to other artists is to draw as much as you can, it is a skill which needs constant work to improve yourself and is the basis for all artwork.  Also don’t be afraid to play with watercolour and inks, have fun and break the rules.
Pure Drama by artist ©Jocelyn Roberts

Pure Drama
Seascape with poetry no 5
Acrylic inks on Canvas
by artist ©Jocelyn Roberts

Try to use the best you can afford and never compare your work to others, it’s a downwards spiral which zaps your confidence.
I am lucky enough to have my work in 2 local galleries: Bay Gallery, Colwyn Bay and Ty Celf Art House Gallery in Ruthin, also you can find me on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JocelynRobertsFineArt and Website http://jocelyn-art.moonfruit.com/
Thanks Jocelyn for sharing your art with us!
Thank you readers for dropping by!
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4 thoughts on “Featured Artist Jocelyn Roberts

  1. Beautiful paintings!!! Love the colors! I so agree about “comparing your work to others being a downward spiral that zaps your confidence”. Very, very good advice for anyone doing art of any kind.

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  2. Wonderful paintings Jocelyn. I especially love “Fire Starter”. I could not agree more with your advice about drawing! It took me a few years to realize, but it starts to pay-off immediately ;))

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  3. Thank you Jocelyn, next time Im in North Wales (which is one of my fave places in the world, I LOVE Snowdonia!) we have to meet up 🙂

    I think the Firestarter is my favorite too


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