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Today’s featured artist is Grace McKee:

I discovered the joy of painting about 7 years ago when I retired from my career as a pathologist. My specialty involved looking down the microscope at cells and tissues to make a diagnosis. The microscope images were colourful (being stained prior to examination) and the more malignant the cell the prettier it was!! So the artistic aspect was what probably attracted me to the discipline! Painting has now replaced pathology and has become my passion!

Still life with hydrangeas ©Artist Grace McKee

Still life with hydrangeas ©Artist Grace McKee

I paint primarily in oils but also in watercolours. I love the richness of thick, colourful oil paintings and the ability to change paintings as I go along. Watercolours are easy to transport, hence ideal for travelling. They can be fun but are not as forgiving as oils. Drawing has always played a large role in my life, even as a child.

I have also done some sculpture though I have to find a studio near where we live where I can continue that art form.

Still life with copper pot ©Grace McKee

Still life with copper pot ©Grace McKee

Having attended several workshops with internationally renowned artists, and as I paint every day, there are some tips that I find absolutely essential:

Good drawing is essential for good (realistic) painting, hence I would recommend keeping a little sketchbook handy and drawing whenever one has a few spare moments.

Invest in the best quality brushes that one can afford as it is very disconcerting to find brush hairs coming off onto one’s painting! However, hugely expensive sable brushes are not essential for a lovely painting.

Poppies on a bank  ©Grace McKee

Poppies on a bank ©Grace McKee

Try to do some painting every day. Practice makes perfect!

If possible attend workshops held by artists whose work one admires.

I use a palette knife almost more that I use brushes with my oil paintings as I like the impasto effect.

Model by ©Grace McKee

Model by ©Grace McKee

My art can be purchased via my website (www.artbygrace.net) or Saatchi online or Artists & Illustrators online.



Thank you Grace! I appreciate your art interview for us.

And thank you to all the readers out there dropping by to check out my guests this month.


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  1. Lovely work. Thanks for your hard work on this Cindy. I’d like to invite you to my blog to post your paintings this month Grace. Art Party with prizes. Thank you Cindy for allowing me to invite your feature artists.

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  2. Thanks Sea, it WAS hard work, took me 3 months to get everyone sorted! But I hope everyone enjoys the interviews. Please post your link Sea, I am sure the more people see it the more will join

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  3. Your artwork is wonderful Grace. I love the portrait :)) I can definitely see artistry in pathology. You must’ve seen some amazing things though. Thanks for sharing your story.


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