Featured Artist Sharron Okines

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Today’s featured artist is Artist Sharron Okines:

I had a typical mid life crisis had no idea it would lead to me becoming an artist –  went to a local art course for a year where I put together a folio. Visited our closest Art College (Chisholm Frankston), felt completely at home, went for the interview, got in, was given such a wonder-full opportunity to just explore and make art.  I fell in love with oil painting and printmaking
Doogall Lores ©Sharron Okines

Doogall Lores ©Sharron Okines

How long have you been an artist?
 4 years (since I have graduated from College)
Is That for me Lores ©Sharron Okines

Is That for me Lores ©Sharron Okines

I started a daily drawing practice late last year – I have been using my dogs as life models, so I draw them for as long as they keep still. Am up to day 335 currently. For the last month or so I have been using my non dominant hand with pretty good results. Proving that practice does indeed dramatically make so much better!
Chardiepop ©Sharron Okines

Chardiepop ©Sharron Okines

I try to exhibit as often as possible, but best to contact me via my website – sharronokines.weebly.com
Thank you for your interview Sharron!
And thanks very much to you readers who took the time to stop and read our artist interview today.


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7 thoughts on “Featured Artist Sharron Okines

  1. I’m envious that Sharron had the opportunity to go back to college and study art. I went back and got my first degree in music when I was 40. With the price of college these days it would make no sense to try it again. Sharon’s work is great! Thanks for another wonderful interview, Cindy.

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  2. Loved this interview! Sharon your dedication is amazing! Love your portraits, lots of personality in them!

    Cindy, I think that is so interesting too, so many people starting to paint later in life. I wish… i wish… I had started younger too. i was always doing something creative, but I should have focused on it more.

    Really enjoying the interviews. I am all caught up. I love seeing everyone’s work! Thanks for bringing all of these great artist to our attention Cindy!


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