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Today’s featured artist is Cheri Homaee:

I am a native of Steubenville, OH. My art career spans fifty years as a painter, a photographer and art instructor.  I studied art from K-12 grade in Steubenville, then one year of college at Bennett College.  I graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and AS in Draft Design.  My photography has been published and exhibited throughout the East Coast.   Many of my works are in private collections. I have won several national and international juried competitions.


Curious by ©Cheri Homaee

18 x 24
©Cheri Homaee


My work has been compared to Andrew Wyeth’s and Edgar Degas.  I am inspired by the works of Michael Parkes, Singer and Tissot.  I am an instructor in drawing, fine art photography, and acrylic painting. I am a member of the Woman’s Art League of Akron, Studio B of Brecksville, OH

Puddles by ©Cheri Homaee

Acrylic on Panel
12 x 9
©Cheri Homaee

I have been an artist since I can remember.  I had the same art teacher from grade school to high school. I currently work in acrylics, pencil, charcoal and digital.  I spent the year learning  digital drawing/painting.  Basically when I went to college I majored in Engineering and only took one class in drawing.  I returned to drawing in 2005.  Even though I didn’t projects, I was always doodling or some kind of craft.

Dance2 ©Cheri Homaee

18 x 24
Charcoal on Paper
©Cheri Homaee

 Tips for Artists:  I think knowing how to “see”is the best tip I can give.  Because my work is realism, it is very important to see the shapes, the angles the minute details.  If you are in art school take some business courses if you intend to sell your work. Continue to take classes

Where I sell My art:   Usually  you can buy my work from my blog. But it’s scattered around the web.  Working revising most of the sites.  You can contact me at homaee@roadrunner.com

Keto ©Cheri Homaee

Digital Art
©Cheri Homaee






Thank you Cheri for the interview!

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