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Today’s featured artist is Vikki Hastings:

My name is Vikki Hastings, I’m 27, and I have been painting seriously for 11 years. I graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2011 with BA(hons) degree in painting, prior to this I studied at the Reid Kerr College, Paisley where I graduated with an HNC in Environmental Fine Art. Since graduating from university, I’ve been working full-time from my own studio in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, where I have been primarily working on commission. I work part-time at the local gallery, The Wellington Gallery, where I work as a framer. I also hold exhibitions and art classes there.

Behind the Clouds

Behind the Clouds
Acrylic on Canvas
©Vikki Hastings

I work with acrylics, it’s a perfect partnership – they are fast-drying, and I am a very quick worker. I usually have about 6 or 7 paintings on the go at once. I used to be so concerned about getting a painting to look like a photograph, and my style has changed so much that I just don’t recognise what I was aiming for back then.
I like to ‘make marks’.  It’s all about the brushes, the size and shapes of the marks that they can make, and very thick paint. I shovel my paint onto the canvas, and the whole process is just massively successful to me. I prefer to give the impression of something rather than have something without a ‘hair out of place’.

Coming Home Soon ©Vikki Hastings

Coming Home Soon
W 23.00″ x H 20.00″ D 1.00″
Media: acrylic
Surface: canvas
©Vikki Hastings

The first tutor I ever had told me that it wasn’t about being able to draw, it was about making marks. I didn’t listen. I thought he was wrong. But it has only been in the last few years that I realised he was correct. Different brushes, make different marks, and you can use all those marks to create something that looks like nature, or looks like a figure without ever intending to draw it correctly.

Titanic the Last Sighting ©Vikki Hastings

Titanic the Last Sighting
W 40.00″ x H 30.00″ D 5.00″
Media: acrylic
Surface: canvas
©Vikki Hastings

My Art is for sale HERE.

Mostly, however, I work on commission. My facebook page is the best way to keep up to date with all my new works and works in progress: https://www.facebook.com/artistvikkihastings

Scotland's Decision ©Vikki Hastings

Scotland’s Decision
W 11.00″ x H 7.00″ D 1.00″
Media: acrylic
Surface: canvas
©Vikki Hastings


Thank you Vikki Hastings!

Another very talented Artist!

Thank you all you readers for dropping by today!


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