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Today’s Featured Artist is Jess Harel:

I am a French artist who was born in Normandy. I have lived in different parts of France, have met all kinds of people and worked in many different areas.  Rich, intense experiences in personal life have made me who I am today.  My inspiration comes from everywhere… the everyday life or all the beauty around us, the actuality, dramas… everything that touches me in a positive or negative way will have to be laid on a canvas at some point.

How I got started as an artist :

When I was little I’ve always loved art and different kinds of expression, dance, theatre, etc.. Later, I started experimenting drawing and painting with different mediums at drawing courses at school.  Ink, paint, figurative or abstract art, creation of all sorts, working on perspective, or geometric works, I was in love with all of this!

Into The Light ©Jessie Art

Into The Light
Art print
©Jessie Art

As a young adult I started using pastels, creating landscapes and trying to copy some Monet or Pissaro paintings. Next drawing people, nature and practicing caricature. Now, I paint Abstracts and Trees, this is what I often answer when people ask me what I do.  I love looking at Trees, and I paint a lot of Trees and Forests … Nature is such a wonderful and endless inspiration.

I also enjoy painting flowers and bouquets, I think it’s a very good anti stress!
I love painting Cityscapes too. They are sometimes pure abstraction!
Textured Abstracts are the other thing I love doing. I don’t impose any specific reading, everyone can see different things in them.
I often use colors as code, red and black for anger or anxiety, Blue for melancholy, Purple for the dream/escaping aspect….

Boats in the Twilight ©Jessie Art

Boats in the Twilight
Acrylic on paper
©Jessie Art

Recently I’ve started painting with oils, I love this, but I still prefer my good old acrylic.  Experimenting is very important. I spend 1/5 of my time experimenting. It’s a need! It feeds me, my curiosity and my creativity.  I will use everything to obtain what I expect to have on my canvas.  No matter if the medium is not at all for painting!

If I had a tip, it would be, step out of your comfort zone! You’ll be very surprised of what you can do!
Don’t think too much when you create. Feed your soul, escape …  and let the work appear on the canvas…   You can plan, know the colors – medium – tools you want to use, but really, don’t think too much. There are many roads that can lead you to your goal!


Blue Moon ©Jessie Art

Blue Moon ©Jessie Art

Don’t spend too much money on expensive paint or tools. Sometimes it’s necessary, but most of the time everything which is very affordable is good enough. Being an artist is already difficult enough, so don’t spend all your money this way…

Art Festival ©Jessie Art

Art Festival
Art Print
©Jessie Art

I update my website frequently.  http://www.jessieartworks.com/ (And a blog I use from time to time…)

I have a shop, you can visit : http://www.jessieartworks.com/shop.php#!/c/0/offset=0&sort=addedTimeDesc

I sell my art on different websites, I also offer prints and items with my paintings.  I create jewelry too.
I’m a full time artist, I have run my own business for more than 4 years now.


Thank you Jessica at Jessie Artworks for your feature!

Thanks to all the readers dropping by today.



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  1. Thanks Jess! You can also follow Jess on Twiiter: @JessArtworks .

    I would like to start using her tip of color in my art, I do color healing, so that is something to think about. Thanks for all your tips Jess Harel 🙂


  2. Thank you Cindy, and Thank you all for your lovely comments!!!
    You really made my day 😀
    Your blog is very interested Cindy, you’re doing such a fantastic work, and of course, your art is wonderful too!
    If you ever want to discuss, the colors and emotion in painting, feel free to contact me on my page or website.
    Wow! this is SO Inspiring!!!!! Thank you everyone 🙂

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