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Today’s Featured Artist is Mary Brigid Mackey:

(I have followed Mary for quite a while, and she is one of my “mentors” in pastels, I always love to see her latest paintings):

Mary Brigid Mackey lives in the picturesque town of Clonmel in the south of Ireland where she began painting with watercolours before studying life drawing, landscape and portrait painting. She currently enjoys focussing on her work in soft pastels. Her proficiency in this medium has lead to her teaching pastel classes at local schools and art groups as well as receiving invitations to teach at pastel workshops in America.
She is also one of the founding members of The Pastel Guild of Europe .

The Vacant Chair ©Mary Brigid Mackey

The Vacant Chair ©Mary Brigid Mackey


Mary Brigid Mackey is currently accepting commission work, by negotiation, and welcomes feedback on any of her pieces from visitors to this site.

She is a self taught artist who currently spends her time at work exploring the versatility of soft pastel. She is inspired by the picturesque landscapes that surround her at home in Clonmel, Southern Ireland, which has in turn inspired her colour choices in the new Mary Brigid Mackey Unison soft pastel set. In this interview with the Jackson’s Art Blog she gives us her rules for painting with pastels and defines what makes a strong work of art.


Kilsheelan Woods ©Mary Brigid Mackey

Kilsheelan Woods, 62cm x 46cm, 2006 ©Mary Brigid Mackey


She was given a present of pastels many years ago and fell in love with them instantly. They became Mary’s medium of choice. She is primarily self taught and learned through trial and error, as well as extensive research into pastel paintings, techniques and styles.   From constant painting the landscape on location she has developed  a palette  suitable for all seasons.  Now with her Unison Landscape Set of 36 she can travel much lighter.

Theo ©Mary Brigid Mackey

39cm x 28cm
©Mary Brigid Mackey



Mary Brigid Mackey’s work can be seen on my website  http://www.marybrigidmackey.webeden.co.uk/   She is a member of one of Ireland’s oldest art groups STAG  (South Tipperary Art Group) which was founded forty seven years ago.  They hold an annual exhibition and also display their work in public buildings and in the South Tipperary Art Center.   Mary’s work is also featured on the Unison Pastel website and the Pan Pastel website.   Mary is one of the founding members of The Pastel Guild of Europe and her work is  displayed on the Guilds website.


Thank you Mary Brigid Mackey for being today’s featured artist!

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