Featured Artist Irina Cumberland

Today’s featured artist is Irina Cumberland:

I grew up in Ukraine, a country with great nature and rich culture and history. I have been painting and creating since I was a little girl. I can’t remember what was the magic that inspired me to become an artist because I don’t remember when it started. It has just been with me all of my life. Even after I entered medical school (which was my parent’s huge dream), I continued to draw and make my own exhibitions during university holidays. After graduation, the first year of medical practice was enough for me to understand that it’s not my dream job. At the same time I met my future husband. So I moved to the US with him and quit all the medicine with no shade of regret.

The Moment ©Irina Cumberland

The Moment”
oil on linen
Irina Cumberland

A new country and my husband’s incredible support gave me freedom to finally start doing what I always had been dreaming about. I love painting! When I create, time flies by, I forget about everything and dive into this divine feeling of serene pure beauty of my subject. And I want to share this feeling with you through my work.

Now I live in Burlingame, CA with my wonderful husband and the best dog in the world.

Fragile ©Irina Cumberland

oil on canvas
©Irina Cumberland

I paint mostly with oils on canvas or linen. I also love to draw with charcoal and pencil, and experiment with other mediums. Officially I’ve been an artist for 4 years, but I started painting and dreaming about an art career about 15 years ago.

Vanishing Fog ©Irina Cumberland

Vanishing Fog
oil on canvas
©Irina Cumberland

For the studio paintings I try to use the best materials I can afford. It is less expensive if you buy in bulk and wait for the sales. For example, I use high quality oil primed linen, that I buy in rolls from places like Jerry’s Artarama and Utrecht art supplies, and stretch it myself. Utrecht brand oil paints are also pretty good and inexpensive, but Gamblin are my favorite at this time.

I use bristle brushes and a large glass palette. I find it very useful to organize my paints on a palette always the same way, so that I don’t have to waste time on trying to find the color I need. For archival purposes and better color harmony, I try to use limited amount of different pigments on one painting and do not use any mediums. The list may go on and on!

No War ©Irina Cumberland

No War
oil on canvas
©Irina Cumberland

You can find more information and purchase paintings and drawings on my website at irinacumberland.com. For most recent updates, please visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheArtOfIrinaCumberland


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  1. Hello Irina , first of all I am glad to meet you. I also an artist living n America. I was also one of the featured artist here Your paintings are so beautiful and you have captured the beauty power ad majesty of your ocean. I really can actually hear the roar of the tides and the sound of the seagulls. I really admire artists who can do this in their paintings. wonderful work. Joy


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