Featured Artist Dallas Lyn Miller

Today’s featured artist is Dallas Lyn Miller:

I am Dallas Lyn Miller currently living in Portland Oregon. I am very much inspired by pop culture and the juxtaposition of nature and fantasy. I was recently told that my art is what would have been created before cameras – I received that feedback openly as I like to think of my work as a cross between reality and surreal dream like state.
Autumn ©Dallas Lyn Miller

Colored Pencil painting
©Artist Dallas Lyn Miller

Most of my art is created with multiple brands of color pencils. I started working on art full time about 4 years ago after a working as a retail make up artist for MAC Cosmetics. I also love pencil and dabble in markers and am looking forward to painting with acrylics and water colors again in the near future.
Lilith ©Artist Dallas Lyn Miller

©Artist Dallas Lyn Miller

How long have you been an artist? 
My passion for art started a young age 4/5 after an injury to my left arm. I colored a lot and started drawing. I am an Eagle Scout my Eagle Project was a mural in the high school I attended for 2 students that lost their lives to drinking and driving accidents. From there I started working with make up artistry, my art was a side project. I left cosmetics in 2008 and after some soul searching decided I wanted to focus on my art full time as a self taught artist.
Dreaming of Medusa ©Artist Dallas Lyn Miller

Dreaming of Medusa ©Artist Dallas Lyn Miller

What tips can you give that have made your artwork easier, such as tools, brushes, paint, etc? (this may help others) 
Don’t be scared to play. Try different paper types, different media, layer and blend. The key to all my art is blending. Making it fun is what makes art work for me, it is the risk and the challenge of what I could create. I have wto mantras that I focus on everyday. You can’t wait for the storm to pass, there will always be a storm so dance in the rain. And I think the biggest pointer I could give anyone creative is that you are not the owner of your talent you are just the manager.  There is inspiration in everything.
Madonna ©Artist Dallas Lyn Miller

Madonna ©Artist Dallas Lyn Miller

Do you sell your art? The place where we can buy your art.

I have yet to sell originals, beyond commissions most of my works that I have sold have been prints. I will be using the Society 6 and Redbubble accounts early in 2015 and I am looking forward to seeing where the future takes me.

Thank You Again and Always Be Inspired.
Thank you Artist Dallas Lyn Miller!  We will be watching to see where the future takes you too! 🙂
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