Churchill died 50 years ago today – the ultimate imperfect hero

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50 years ago today saw the death of Winston Churchill who along with Charles Darwin are in my view the two greatest Britons. Churchill was imperfect and certainly made many mistakes – some huge and ghastly but nevertheless he did change the course of Europe at the very time it was needed.

ChurchillThere is a new website all about Churchill, his achievements, his failures and his quotes – see here.

Chartwell 3A few years ago I went to Chartwell, Churchill’s home, as part of my work (I was running training courses on our appraisal system can you believe!) and managed to have a quick look around after

Chartwell 2It is a fabulous property – very intimate and oozing all things Churchill – you can almost smell his cigars

Chartwell 1In Kent – not far off the M25 – now owned and managed by the National Trust and well worth a visit –…

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