Featured Artist Christine E. S. Code

Today’s featured artist is Christine E.S. Code:

Something Blue ©Christine E.S. Code

Something Blue ©Christine E.S. Code

I started painting very young when my father made me an easel one year for Christmas and bought me some paint supplies. I dabbled in it off and on for several years and then started painting full time about 8 years ago while taking care of my children at home.  I now paint primarily in acrylics. I enjoy the fast drying time of acrylics because it forces me to work quickly.
Prairie Storm ©Christine E.S. Code

Prairie Storm
©Christine E.S. Code

My work doesn’t fall into one genre. I paint almost everything I find beauty in including realistic still lifes, abstracts, landscapes, portraits, and the darker arts.
The Romantic ©Artist Christine E.S. Code

The Romantic
©Artist Christine E.S. Code

I currently sell my art on several different websites including my own: www.paintingsbyces.com
You can also find me on eBay, ETSY, and Dailypaintworks.
Thank you Artist Christine E.S. Code 🙂
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