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Today’s Featured Artist is Sea Dean:

I was born and educated in the UK and then travelled around the world. I’ve worked in every medium imaginable from crayons to pottery and sculpture to jewellery. I’m also a multi published author and genealogist.

Sea in the Studio ©Sea Dean

Sea in the Studio
©Sea Dean


The year 2,000 brought major changes in my life and rekindled my determination to live my dreams. Now as a Blogger and Art instructor, I rise each morning vibrating with excitement. I create on average 5 new works each week and I sold over 100 original paintings in 2013 through galleries, shows and the Internet. My work hangs in collections on four continents.

Greeting at the Dock ©Sea Dean

Greeting at the Dock
24×24″ original painting
©Sea Dean

Apart from painting daily, I lead a busy artistic life, writing a daily blog, teaching “Paint a Masterpiece” classes, running the Facebook Group “Get Your Art Out There”, curating exhibitions and volunteering at the public gallery. I have recently established studio/gallery/classroom in Kelowna and I’m in the process of designing a schedule. My next class is working with collage and paint to create an inspirational artwork for your home.

Luminous Wave ©Sea Dean

Luminous Wave
Acrylic Painting
©Sea Dean


I pride myself in being able to accomplish any task, so I’m happy to take commissions especially PAL pet portraits and large home decor paintings.

Crimson Circle 30x15" Acrylic Painting ©Sea Dean

Crimson Circle
30×15″ Acrylic Painting
©Sea Dean


Recent Exhibitions

2011 Almost Famous – Vernon, B.C

2011 U100 Lake Country Art Gallery, B.C.

2012 Rouge, Vernon, BC

2012 Paint A Masterpiece – Craig Bay, B.C.

2012 Solo Exhibition – The Brew, Vernon, B.C

2012 Performing Arts Center, Vernon, B.C

2012 Solo Exhibition – Gallery Vertigo – Vernon, B.C.

2012 Solo Exhibition – Civic Center – Lake Country, B.C.

2012 U100 Lake Country Art Gallery, B.C.

2013 Change At The Speed of Imagination – Kelowna, B.C.

2013 Activist Art Exhibition – Penticton, B.C.
2013 U100

2013 U100 Lake Country Art Gallery, B.C.

2014 Art Through the Ages – Lake Country Art Gallery, B.C.

2014 Art Walk – A Step Forward, Lake Country, B.C.

2014 Solo Exhibition – Public Library, Lake Country, B.C. (Current)

2014 Solo Exhibition – Blue Heron, Lake Country, B.C. (Current)

2014 LCAG Theme Exhibition for Art Walk (Current)

2014 Culture Crawl – Kelowna, B.C.

2014 Night of One Thousand Lights – Kelowna, B.C.

2014 Rouge – French Cultural Center, Kelowna, B.C.

2014 Red Barn Artisan Show – Mission, Kelowna, B.C.

2014 U100 U100 Lake Country Art Gallery, B.C.

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Thank you Artist Sea Dean for a great interview! 

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6 thoughts on “Featured Artist Sea Dean

  1. Hi Sea! I love ‘Greeting at the Dock’! Friends of yours? 😉
    My goodness but you are an accomplished woman! I’ll be sure to stop in at your blog now and then to see what’s new. Thanks so much for sharing this series Cindy :))

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  2. WoW! I knew your were busy Sea, but I did not know you were THAT busy. So inspiring to read about all of your endeavors and accomplishments! Crimson Circle is one of my all time favorites of yours. (we both know that is a LONG list.) Best wishes to you for 2015 🙂

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