Featured Artist Karen Barlow

Today’s Featured Artist is Karen Barlow:

I have always enjoyed art for no other purpose than to express my creative side. I was addicted to Spirograph as a youngster then as a teen experimented with oils and charcoal. The larger the piece the better.

I love working with mixed media just seeing how different textures and colors can come together.
Tribal Men   ©Karen Barlow

Tribal Men
A4 Acrylic paint on Acrylic paper
©Karen Barlow
( Inspired from a TV documentary )

After raising a family of three children I decided to attend Art College in Cornwall  when I was in my 40’s just for the fun of it whilst also working as a self employed Home Activities Coordinator.
Rialto Bridge Venice ©Karen Barlow

Rialto Bridge Venice
A4 Acrylic paint on Acrylic paper
©Karen Barlow

At college I studied NVQ  Art and design,photography and ceramics/ 3 D art. I also took I.T just to bring myself up to speed with the children.

I enjoy a variety of Art using mixed media and have a storage space full of fruitful items,colors,textures,shapes and sizes.
Plum painting by ©Karen Barlow

Plum painting by ©Karen Barlow
8×4″ Pastel Painitng

Art is a good way to relax,create and yet have some fun, Some of the results can be quite surprising too.

I get inspired on my everyday travels by scenery, colors,textures and patterns any of these things can trigger ideas into my head.
Textile Wallpiece by ©Karen Barlow

Textile Wallpiece by ©Karen Barlow
12×12″ Recycled material , Acrylic paint,bamboo canes.

I have recently made a YouTube video on Textured Art.


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