Black and white portrait painting video

I was looking through YouTube (again) and was looking at how artists paint portraits.

Several of them are saying if it is a black and white painting, they use grey for the background.

This is different from the way I paint, as I usually paint dark to light.

However this would make things SO MUCH EASIER AND BETTER!

I hope this video can help others too…

Thanks for dropping by 🙂

Cindy Williams


One thought on “Black and white portrait painting video

  1. Like your making a canvas panel video shows, it’s a good idea to establish the mid ground value so you can tell how dark and how light your other values need to be. I think that’s why my pastelist mentor Karen Margulis always starts with a greyish ground. If you like colour you can also start with a coloured ground which is roughly a #5 value. I tend to use cadmium red light which is almost totally covered by the painting but helps to establish value (although you have to compensate for the brilliance).


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