Super Spring Cleaning

The past few days I have been super cleaning. NOTHING is safe!!! 🙂 Everything has been gone over with a “fine-toothed comb”.

I don’t know about other artists out there, but it seems the artroom gets un-tidy, then I get overwhelmed, and I start moving to other rooms to draw, paint etc.

This week I have not picked up a pencil to draw. I made a trip to the “tip” (household waste disposal site) and a trip to the charity shop to donate books and other things I’m not using.

And I will probably be finished with it all tomorrow. Have any of you readers started Spring Cleaning? I’ve even Spring Cleaned the rest of the house, tomorrow I will be DONE! YAY!!!

Well now I must go and make dinner so until tomorrow…. TAKE CARE!

(and THANKS for dropping by, I appreciate every single one of you)



2 thoughts on “Super Spring Cleaning

  1. Spring is in the air, isn’t it? Rather than cleaning inside I’ve been raking and working in my greenhouse outside. I’m so ready for spring! But I do need to move out to my studio and clean up my paints…You are inspiring!!!

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