CindysArt on RedBubble

I have been working on RedBubble adding and editing my artwork.

Here is one of my recent works “By Any Other Name ©Cindy Williams”

Totebag "By Any Other Name" ©Cindy Williams

Totebag “By Any Other Name” ©Cindy Williams

It’s a lot of fun to see what different items my artwork will go on, and some will work, some don’t look that great. I think this image goes well on a tote bag, I like the way it looks.

leggings "By Any Other Name" ©Cindy Williams

leggings “By Any Other Name” ©Cindy Williams

I wasn’t sure about these leggings, but I think they turned out pretty cool! 🙂

Please drop by my RedBubble shop, it is a print on demand shop and you can pick out merchandise with my art. I will be posting some other items later on my blog to show some of my artworks and what it looks like on different products.

Thanks for stopping by.

Cindy Williams