Cindy’s Art on Society6

I have also branched out to Society6, as they have some really cool features.

I found a way to put my art on a duvet, so if you want to, sign up for Society6, they have products that you can add your art to, such as clocks, duvets, pillows, shower curtains, rugs, prints, posters, iphones, and much more.

It does take some time to add ONE piece of art, because for each of the products, you have to resize your artwork. Such as… mugs are different from a rug, you have to change the pixels and it takes time.


Silent Glamour duvet cover ©Cindy Williams

Silent Glamour duvet cover ©Cindy Williams

So, there is another venue you can try if you are an artist and want to get your art out there. I still think the leggings are cool from my RedBubble shop 🙂

Thanks for dropping by!

(P.S. that website is SOCIETY6.COM)

Cindy Williams


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