Tulip Sea ©Cindy Williams

I tried an abstract tonight, only to use on some print on demand sites.

Tulip Sea

Acrylic Abstract Painting

with Pallet Knife

©Cindy Williams

Tulip Sea ©Cindy Williams

Tulip Sea
Acrylic Abstract
©Cindy Williams

This painting was fun to do. I like the way it looks on different products.

Here is what it looks like on a tote bag.

Tulip Sea tote bag ©Cindy Williams

Tulip Sea tote bag
©Cindy Williams

I first named it “Drowning in a Tulip Sea” but shortened the name 🙂

If you would like to purchase this print, it is available HERE.

Thank you for dropping by!

Cindy Williams


6 thoughts on “Tulip Sea ©Cindy Williams

  1. Hello Cindy, I love the way the colours blend together while laying on top of each other. I usually only use a pallete knife or my fingers to paint, but recently, I’ve tried using a brush. It was a refreshing change.

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  2. Thank you both.

    It was lots of fun to paint, I still like my ladies but I was hankering for some color 🙂 So its a change, never really used the pallete knife much but I do like the way that you can just wipe it clean and don’t have to clean the brushes. 🙂

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