The Extremity of One Woman

This post shows the extremes one woman went to, to make a difference for all women.

The story of Emily Davison at the Epsom Derby, and what she did for the women’s right to vote movement.

Continuing Celebrating Women’s Month

This month we are celebrating Women’s History Month. I am glad to be a part of it.


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2 thoughts on “The Extremity of One Woman

  1. Another sad indication of society’s ingrained sexism towards women 😦

    This was by any definition an act of domestic terrorism, which put the lives of all those jockeys and the horses at risk. Horse racing is already incredibly dangerous and any distraction or obstruction is likely to cause a high speed pile up. The suffragettes (as distinct from suffragists) were basically a bunch of terrorists. And as well as being a terrorist she was clearly a complete idiot, because she her intention was to pin a banner on the king’s horse and not actually throw herself under its legs in some act of martyrdom, as some people imagine. Who thinks they can pin a banner on a horse travelling at 40mph and not cause an accident?

    And yet BECAUSE SHE WAS A WOMAN her terrorism and idiocy are forgiven, and she is hailed as some sort of heroine or martyr. THIS is the sexism I am talking about. Some might call it benevolent sexism, but I think it is really insulting to women. If women are equal to men, then women deserve to be judged equally to men. And if some woman happens to be thug and an idiot with no regard for the safety or even the lives of other people (and animals), then she should be judged just as harshly as any man would be who acted the same way.

    The poor jockey was so devastated by her death under his own horse (even though it was absolutely not his fault) that he eventually committed suicide.

    It is society’s willingness to praise and honour violent, self entitled, thuggish, stupid, disrespectful and dangerous women like this which does a terrible disservice to women. How are women expected to gain any sense of humility, morality or common sense if they are given role models like this? This is the kind of patronising attitude which has spawned the modern feminist movement. Now we have a society full of bratty, self entitled, deranged, angry women demanding nobody calls them ‘bossy’ or looks at them or dares to treat them in any other way than as princesses. This constant pandering to every female complaint (whether justified or not) and automatic support for every feminist ‘war on X’ is turning women into monsters.

    And what was suffrage all about anyway?

    For most of history neither ordinary men nor ordinary women could vote. Men only got the vote by agreeing to go and fight wars for the state (and probably die in the process). Then about 50 years later women demanded the vote (using terrorist tactics like these) and got the vote without any obligations whatsoever.

    And after a century of men (many as young as 18) being sent off to die horrific deaths on muddy battlefields screaming out for their mothers (while women enjoyed the immense privilege of being able to vote for wars, and then have the men forced to fight them on their behalf), this completely unfair state of affairs is still touted by feminists as some sort of triumph of ‘gender equality’.

    Imagine if the gender were reversed…. Women got the vote but had to agree to fight wars. Men used domestic terrorism to get the vote without any obligations (causing at least one woman jockey to commit suicide along the way). Then millions of women (as young as 18) were forced to march headlong into a hail of machine gun fire, or else get shot by their own officers for refusing to fight, while men got to opt out of these bloody wars. Then a century later men are still celebrating the terrorist acts of their ancestors and pretending their voting privileges represent ‘gender equality’. Then to cap it all some stupid male actor who is a multi millionaire starts demanding women step up to help men in a campaign called “She for He” (women serving men) …. which is ALSO touted as ‘gender equality’!!!

    Things looks very different when we swap the genders doesn’t it? But that’s patriarchy/ chivalry/ feminism for you (they are all basically the same thing). All of these institutions place women’s needs and wants at the centre of society and define men as disposable.

    So let’s all continue the tradition and be feminists……… Hurray for female domestic terrorism! ….. Girl power!…… #Killallmen etc etc etc….

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  2. Thanks for your comment, I really didn’t look further into it about the jockey. But I do think that Emily Davison really was only trying to put the sash on the horse, to send a message.

    It is sad to think how much women have suffered throughout history.

    Things still are nowhere equal. And the best person for the job is a lot of times a woman! But still, no equality. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts


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