Original painting


©Cindy Williams

A miniature painting… 2.5″x3.5″ of the church in Wootton Wawen, UK

©2013 Cindy Williams


The Artist’s Way, Day 8

Yesterday, I decided to go on my Artist Date. (Yesterday I went to Stratford. You know, Stratford-On-Avon, UK. Well, it helps when you don’t live far from it. I wanted to visit Holy Trinity Church, where Williams Shakespeare is buried. So I arrived and parked in the multi-story carpark.

Holy Trinity Church©2013 Cindy Williams

Holy Trinity Church
©2013 Cindy Williams

I will just add  here that now one of the multi-story carpark is charging 20p to use the facilities. AND it costs £1/hour to park your car. BUT… it IS a wonderful town

. The best part of Stratford is, it is small. There are LOADS of tourists… all the time.

The Shakespeare Monument

The Shakespeare Monument
You can find more about this monument on this site: http://www.hollowaypages.com/Shakespearemonument.htm

So it doesn’t take a long time to get from A-to-B.
So when you get to the Holy Trinity Church, you can go inside the church (for free) but they are now charging you £2 to go see the grave of Shakespeare. But you can take pics and all that.

Sooooo….. back to my Artist Date… I really enjoyed taking time on my own to go and take photos with my camera. I wanted to sit and write about The Holy Trinity Church, but it was so cold, I just decided to put my photos on my computer and meditate on my day.

William Shakespeare's Grave©2013 Cindy Williams

William Shakespeare’s Grave
©2013 Cindy Williams

It’s lovely to walk beside the River Avon. There were people on the River that were boating. And the chain ferry was going back and forth across the river, just like all through history.

At Shakespeare’s time, digging up dead people’s bones was common. So Shakespeare put a curse on anyone who decided to dig up his bones:

“Good frend for Jesus sake forebeare,/ To digg the dust encloased heare;/ Bleste be the man that spares thes stones,/ And curst be he that moves my bones.”

That’s OLDE ENGLISH spelling :)… so, NO, it is NOT necessarily mis-spelling, our language has evolved over the centuries.

It was a good day, though very cold.  This week, I will go back through my photos and write in my sketchbook. I am glad I started the Artist’s Way Journey… I was afraid I wouldn’t stick to it, but still doing my Morning Pages, and getting into the journey.

Any comments are welcome to let me know if you are doing the Artist’s Way and where you are on the journey. Let me know what you are doing on your Artist’s Dates… every week won’t be extravagant, I am just happy to go to the local art shop and just look around. I even went to the garden center yesterday to complete my Artist Date. I didn’t buy a thing, but it was so nice to treat myself to some time on my own, just to do what I want. I am “filling the well” as Julia Cameron puts it.

CIAO for now!

©2013 Cindy Williams

The Saxon Sanctuary

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The Saxon Sanctuary

I finally finished the painting! It is a painting of The Saxon Sanctuary. This church is located in a beautiful little village called Wootton Wawen.  It is called “St. Peter’s Wootton Wawen”.

My hubby, Kez, and I went there last night on our way home from Stratford-on-Avon, and we had a lovely evening. We walked around the church and even was able to go inside.

I was able to take some brilliant photos for future paintings, and Kez found a “friend” (A man walking a little dog named “Ben”. By the way, that was the first dog I ever saw that was called a Jack-a-Doodle, cross between a Jack Russell and a poodle.)  I should have taken its photo, UGH!

The man was telling Kez all about the little village and what used to be where…. it is such a lovely little place.  I may even do a whole painting series about that little village … HMMMM….

This painting is getting me back into the habit of painting every day because I had stopped and was taking watercolour classes. I am not confident in my watercolours, yet, but will continue to do pastel paintings and improve on that. I have found a new excitement to my art, and I am so happy to be painting every day. This painting is a big 10×14″ and is taking a while, but I am enjoying the process.

Look for some new art coming very soon!

©Cindy Williams Art